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Agile DogSports offers dog agility classes, private lessons, agility seminars and workshops for all levels of agility dogs. Our dog agility training location is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, just a short drive from Vancouver. Whether you want to trial at the highest level or just want to have some recreational agility fun with your canine buddy, come check us out!

4 Week Weaves & Contacts Class Starts Soon!

This Spring, ADS will be offering a 4 week Wednesday evening Weaves & Contacts class, geared to teams preparing for the 2017 Agility Association of Canada BC-Yukon Regionals and Nationals. The focus of the class will be on creating fast, independent weaves and contacts and troubleshooting common entry / pole / contact issues.

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4 Week Distance Handling Class for Spring 2017

Having trouble sending your dogs to successfully complete a final gamble? ADS will be offering a 4 week Distance Handling class this Spring, on Wednesday evenings. The course is geared to teams looking to improve their distance handling, and those prepping for the 2017 Agility Association of Canada BC-Yukon Regionals and Nationals taking place in Langley, BC.

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Tricks & Focus Class

Would you like your dog to do this? Sign up for the Tricks & Focus class! Contact Karen Lau CPDT-KA at for information

Dog Agility Classes – Near Vancouver, BC

Karen Lau, ADS’ Principal Instructor, has over 30 years of dog training and competition experience. Karen and her amazing Staffordshire Bull Terriers Idgie (Deceased), Proton, and Elektra have competed in several national and international championships over the past decade.

Karen’s dog training philosophy is simple: to train consistently, have a lot of fun and to be fair to your dog always.

Please browse our website for more information about us, our agility classes, Karen’s dogs, and our students’ dogs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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