Karen & Idgie at World FCI Championships in Basel, Switzerland

10-October-2006 11:29 am by webadmin

Karen and Idgie were proud to be part of the Canadian Agility Team 2006 at the World FCI Dog Agility Championships in Basel, Switzerland October 6 -8, 2006.

Summing up our incredible experience at the FCI 2006 World dog agility championships is rather difficult, as it was totally exciting as well as an emotional high for us. It is no wonder that the sport of dog agility is so very addicting, similar to how others would feel about their sport of choice I suppose!

Idgie’s brilliant Mini Team Jumpers run this year was clocked in at over 5.25 yards per second or 4.8 meters per second, she was really smoking her run! Last year in Spain, we ran clean in Team Jumpers but were over the course time by two seconds. This was indeed a vast improvement of our overall performance and we will never forget the cheering from well over 5,000 people in the arena, as we ran our final 4 obstacles to the last jump to stop the clock.

The Canadian Mini team placed 16th out of 24 countries and competed very well against some of the best agility teams and countries in the world.

Detailed results and courses are available at www.agility-wc2006.com.