Congrats to all ADS students who participated in the 2017 Regional!

13-June-2017 2:13 pm by webadmin

What a challenging but exciting Regional weekend for all of us who participated this past weekend! Please join me in congratulating all the ADS students who participated and gained so much experience from attending the event! I also want to thank those who came out to support us and to cheer us on.

Qualifying for the Nationals (350 points or better) on August 6 to 7, 2017 in Langley, BC are:

Karen with Elektra placed overall 5th in the 16 inch Regular class (36 competitors) with 500.27 points! She placed 4th in Gamblers 1, 5th in Gamblers 2, 6th in Jumpers 1 and 4th in Jumpers 2.

In the same height class, Elaine with Lacey placed 16th. At their first Regionals they obtained only 199 points – this time, this amazing team ran 3 clean events and got 431.13points! That’s an incredible improvement and a testament to their hard work and commitment to the sport. Mike with Shayla placed 20th! Shayla placed 1st in Standard 2 and 3rd in Jumpers 2! Lysippe placed 23rd.

Kelsey with Riley placed 7th out of 23 dogs in the 22 inch Specials class – they had a spectacular 1st place ribbon in Standard 1 which is an incredible result for a Novice team at their first Regionals.

Also participating at their first Regionals was Lauren Hastie with Skylar – Desi Dog (22 inch Regular), and Lauren was also handling Ollie – All Canadian (22 inch Specials) for Jolena Kusec.

It has been announced that for 2018, the same organizers will be bidding to host the AAC Regionals again on the same weekend (June 7, 8 and 9, 2018) in Langley, BC so put this date in your calendars and make it your goal to attend! I will get your teams ready but you have to make that commitment and be dedicated in training and attending classes – ask me questions about what is involved. There will be even more ADS teams attending next year, I am certain of it!

I am so proud of my students and thank you all again for your trust in my instruction and training preparations of the teams.