Our Dogs

ADS has raised and trained world-class dogs for over 3 decades. Read on for background on our own dogs, or see Student Dogs for information on our agility student dogs.


Lysippe came to us from Decin in the Czech Republic at the end of May 2014.

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Elektra was born on February 22, 2009 in a small country town located in East England. Elektra is a Grand Niece to Proton.

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Proton (December 27, 2003 – September 8, 2015)

Canadian Champion Araidh Atlantic Starr, who has a call name of Proton, was born on December 27, 2003 in East England in a small town called Old Leake near Boston, Lincolnshire.

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Idgie (June 27, 1999 – November 12, 2013)

Idgie was a fantastic family dog, companion and a phenomenal agility team mate since Karen brought her home from Bremerton, WA as a 7 week old puppy. Idgie not only enriched our lives but we gained an immense amount of agility knowledge together.

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