Bartholomew – Australian Kelpie

About Bartholomew

bartholomew “Bartholomew was born in a little town of Susteren in the Netherlands. Being part of a variety pack has been very exciting and a total family adventure. Bart is very busy and he creates fun and havoc daily too!”

– Karen Lau


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  • Call Name: Bartholomew aka Bart
  • Registered Name: Yaparoos Beltain Yileen Supernova
  • Nicknames: Ba Ba, Bartie, Baby Snappy Dragon
  • Breed: Australian Kelpie
  • Colour: Fawn
  • Born: May 18, 2017
  • Country of Origin: Netherlands
  • Titles: Dog in Training
  • Favourite Game: squeaking tug toys, tossing marrow bones, catching balls and toys tossed in mid-air
  • Favourite Toy: Squeaky Kong Wubba
  • Favourite Activity: run at high speeds, forest run, simply running ahead, barking with excitement
  • Most Impressive Trick:  huge repertoire of tricks and core balance tricks
  • Brags: athletic and swift; brilliant intelligence and eager to work always
  • Faults: crazy Kelpie OCD!
  • Owner: Karen Lau

Awards / Records

  • 2016 Columbia Agility Team North West Cup Winner – Midi Dog
  • 2017 Tournament Master Award in Jan 2017 before she turned 3 years old!