About Eddie

“Eddie is an amazing dog with such a big attitude and commitment. He works his little heart out for me. I could not ask for a better dog on my side. He blew me away in becoming 3rd at the Canadian Nationals in Nanaimo 2012! This is his biggest achievement so far. We are working on our Utility obedience title and preparing for Nosework level 1. Also we are working towards our Gold Award of Merit in Agility! In the mean time, we are going to chase a Ball!”

– Lâle Aksu


  • Call Name: Eddie
  • Registered Name: Tollchester Black Vortex
  • Nicknames: Edward, King Edward, Eduardo, Spaghetti
  • Breed: Standard Manchester Terrier
  • Colour: Back & Tan
  • Born: April 1, 2006
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Titles: #3 Agility Dog at the Canadian Nationals 2012 (10″ Specials), #1 Obedience and Agility Manchester Terrier (CKC) 2011, 1st Manchester Terrier to earn his ATChC in AAC Agility, CKC: Obedience: CGN (Canine Good Neighbour), CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), RE (Rally Obedience Excellent), Agility: AgEx / AgJEX (CKC Agility Excellent), AAC: ATChC (Agility Trial Champion), Silver Award of Merit, Bronze Versatility Award, and lots of Experts Titles, CARO Rally: NMCL, AdMCL, ExMCL, Team NMCL, ASCA: CD, JAStd-Ad, RAStd – N, Nosework: ORT for Birch & Anise
  • Favourite Game: leash tugging, frisbee catching, ball catching, nosework
  • Favourite Toy: leash, frisbee, ball
  • Favorite Activity: sleeping in my bed, hunting with his hunting buddies, searching for food
  • Most Impressive Trick: pocket thieve: pretending he is saying hello to someone, but actually seeing if there are treats, and then steal them out of the pocket
  • Brags: #3 Agility Dog at the Canadian Nationals 2012 (10″ Specials)
  • Faults: has been known to roll on dead rats/fish and whatever is stinky!
  • Owner: Lâle Aksu