About Marshall

“Marshall’s motto is ‘run fast, jump big and bark loud’!”

– Emily Szabo


  • Call Name: Marshall
  • Registered Name: Fireworks Eminence Front
  • Nicknames: Mushy, Marshall-Bob, Stinky, Brown Dog
  • Breed: Whippet
  • Colour: Fawn
  • Born: June 13, 2008
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Titles: ADC (Agility Dog of Canada),SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada), CanCh (Canadian Show Champion), DPCX (Dual Purpose Champion Excellent), SRA2 (Superior Racing Award)
  • Favorite Game: playing fetch with his soccer ball, frisbee, or the biggest stick/log he can find on our walks
  • Favorite Toy: his soccerball, which is one of the only toys that he hasn’t killed…
  • Favorite Activity: Whippet racing and sleeping upside down
  • Most Impressive Trick: how quickly and efficiently he can unstuff a new dog toy
  • Brags: ranked #1 CWA Racer for 2010; the first and only Canadian bred/owned dog to ever finish number one in CWA (Continental Whippet Alliance) racing history
  • Faults: it’s a good thing he is cute…
  • Owner: Emily Szabo and handled by his “other mother” Jennifer Szabo