About Vegas

vegas “Quote coming soon!”

– Julie and Kevin Kellner


  • Call Name: Vegas
  • Registered Name:
  • Nicknames: Sunshine Dog
  • Breed: Yellow Lab x
  • Colour: Blonde
  • Born: September 21, 2013
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Titles: ADC, SGDC, AADC
  • Favorite Game: fetch – all day long…
  • Favorite Toy: ball, anything my sister has
  • Favorite Activity: swimming, cuddling, going for runs with my mom, going to work with my dad, bugging my cat, diving into snow banks
  • Most Impressive Trick: stick em up and play dead
  • Brags: my mom tells me every day that I’m the cutest puppy in the world. It must be true…
  • Faults: howl barking at kids – I get in trouble, but I can’t help myself
  • Owners: Julie and Kevin Kellner