About Zeeva

zeeva “Zeeva came to us when she was 3 months old, and we found out very quickly that she was a handful! But we discovered that she not only loves to play, she also loves to work, and agility has turned out to be a great outlet for her, and has made her a better dog.
She’s a happy girl!”

– Alison & Steve Brydle


  • Call Name: Zeeva
  • Registered Name:
  • Nicknames: Zee, Miss Zee, Monkey
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Colour: Sable
  • Born: March 21, 2013
  • Country of Origin:
  • Titles: 
  • Favorite Game: playing catch
  • Favorite Toy: ball, squeaky toy
  • Favorite Activity: fetching her ball, and jumping
  • Most Impressive Trick: sitting pretty
  • Brags: great jumper
  • Faults: poor impulse control – she just can’t help herself!
  • Owner: Alison & Steve Brydle