Zuzu (retired)

About Zuzu

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– Nickie Maas


  • Call Name: Zuzu
  • Registered Name: Szuni’s I’ll Give You The Moon
  • Nicknames: Miss Zu, Zoobiedoo, Principessa, Zoobamafoo
  • Breed: Vizsla
  • Colour:
  • Born: November 26, 2004
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Titles: CD (Companion Dog Obedience) CGN (Canine Good Neighbor), MADC (Masters Agility Dog of Canada), AGDC (Advanced Games Dog of Canada)
  • Favourite Game: frisbee catching, frisbee chasing
  • Favourite Toy: frisbee
  • Favourite Activity: licking herself, then licking you after she’s licked herself
  • Most impressive trick: tricking you into thinking she’s innocently shaking a paw until you realize she’s actually dragging your hand onto her belly for a rub – this trick has earned her the title of “pushy little bitch”
  • Brags: first “titled” dog in her litter with a CGN at 8 months old; scored a 197 at her very first obedience trial; qualified for Nationals at her first Regionals competition
  • Faults: has been known to roll on dead rats
  • Owner: Nickie Maas