AAC-Sanctioned Agility Trial – Sunday November 29, 2020

Entries Close Friday November 27, 2020 or When Full!

Register now for Agile Dog Sports’ limited entry AAC-sanctioned agility trial! The trial will be held indoors on sand with a self-setting tire, electronic timing, and rubberized contacts. Ribbons will be awarded for qualifying scores, placements 1st through 4th, with rosettes for Starters and Advanced Standard and Games.

Limited entry – register now!

Date: Sunday November 29, 2020

Windsor Stables
25241 Fraser Hwy.
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 1Z9
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Please note: There is absolutely no smoking on the property.

Distinguished AAC Judges: Christine Woodley & Sherry Taylor

Entry Fee & Running Order

Entry Fee: $15 per run / $14 per FEO (For Exhibition Only) run

Running Order:

  • Masters Jumpers – (J) Christine Woodley CW
  • Masters Gamblers-(J) CW
  • Masters Standard- (J) CW
  • Masters Snooker – (J) CW
  • Steeplechase – (J) CW
  • Starters Standard – (J) CW
  • Advance Standard – (J) Sherry Taylor ST
  • Starters Gamblers – (J) ST
  • Advance Gamblers – (J) ST
  • Advance Jumpers – (J) ST
  • Starters Jumpers – (J) ST

Although this is our planned running order for the trial, it may be necessary to change the running order without notice. Please be forewarned!

Event order is subject to change.

Entry is not valid unless submitted and received with correct fees by the closing date. No refunds after closing date without a veterinarian’s certificate.

By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all Match Policies, including our Indemnity Waiver, COVID-19 Rules, and COVID-19 Waiver.

Tentative Schedule of Events

  • Familiarization and Measuring: 7:15 am to 7:45 am
  • First Dog On Line: 8:00 am (depending on entries)


2018 Dog Height Division

Please make sure to indicate if your dog is a double drop DD when registering.

Shoulder Height of Dog Regular Special Vet
12″ or less 8″ mini or 12″ medium 4″ mini 4″ mini
> 12″ to 15″ 12″ or 16″ medium 8″ medium 4″ or 8″ medium
> 15 inches to 18″ 16″ medium or 20″ open 12″ medium 8″ or 12″ medium
> 18 inches to 22″ 20″ or 24″ open 16″ open 12″ or 16″ open
> 22 inches 24″ open 20″ open 16″ or 20″ open

AAC ID Cards & Height Cards

Dogs that have new registration numbers and never been measured by an AAC judge must be measured at the venue prior to their first run. The trial secretary will send specific instructions regarding height measurement procedures to those participants.

If your dog does not have an AAC ID Card please register at https://www.aac.ca/ before the trial. All dogs must have an AAC ID card to compete in this trial.

Please note AAC rule change – all competitors MUST check in and show their new height card. If your dog does not have a completed AAC measurement card you must have your dog measured before you attempt to check in.

Other Important Notes

All competitors are required to clean up after themselves and their dogs. Anyone failing to do so will be dismissed from the match with no refund. When not competing, all dogs are required to be on-leash – a crate or X-pen is strongly recommended. There will be a small off-leash area with a warm up area set up outside.

  • Bring your own chairs and dress accordingly.
  • No choke chains, electronic or pinch collars are allowed.
  • No crating inside. Dogs are not allowed in the stalls. Crating of your dog(s) has to be in your vehicle.
  • There will be no food or refreshments provided. There are a number of fast food restaurants just off 264th and Fraser Hwy. and also good food available at the Otter Co-Op store cafeteria on 248th close by.
  • Absolutely no smoking on the property.

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