Affirmative Canine Training Solutions


“Karen Creates Fun Classes”

“I highly recommend training with Karen. We started in puppy obedience with Zale and have continued to take classes ever since; increasing the level of challenge as we go. Training both at her Maple Ridge location and in the community, Karen has created fun classes that my husband and I and our dog enjoy.”

– Victoria Hurst and Pat Martin

“Wasn’t Having Progress Until I Met Karen”

“I have a little 18-month Morkie named Astro who is very loving and playful but can get REALLY overexcited when around moving vehicles and other dogs. As a result, I have a hard time keeping his focus while outside the home which then leads to him ignoring me and barking uncontrollably. I have worked with a few trainers trying to find a good fit for myself and Astro and I wasn’t having progress until I met Karen.”

“Her calm and patient manner put me at ease. She observes each owner and dog, learning how they interact with one another and adapts her work accordingly. She has been educating me on how to properly train Astro in order to give him the support he needs. We have been working on obedience, recall/off leash, and crate training. Now that I have the knowledge and skills in place, I’m able to continue his training successfully at home.”

“Each week we build upon our previous work, and although Astro can be stubborn at times and my confidence can waiver, Karen encourages me to continue and I have seen a great deal of development in him. We’re able to go on walks in busy environments with little outburst, he listens and focuses on me in situations with lots of distractions, and he comes when called after playing in the backyard.”

“Karen is kind, clear, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable.”

– Karen Bowe

“Very Encouraging and Supportive”

“Karen has been helping me with my very nervous and non-confident dog. She is very patient, explaining the exercises and very clear on what you should practice on. She will answer your questions and give you a full understanding of what to work on. Most importantly, she is very encouraging and supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen.”

– JR

“An Amazing and Caring Dog Trainer”

“I called Karen for help when my new puppy wasn’t accepted by my older dog. She gave me clear instructions on what to do before she was able to come on Boxing Day. At first the puppy was a little invasive enemy for our 3 year old dog, but with Karen’s instructions they have become best friends. Karen is an amazing and caring dog trainer!”

– Marta Biela

“Affirmative Yet Firm and Consistent Approach”

“Karen has been wonderful in helping us with the behavioural and obedience training of our five year old dog. We have found that she observes the individual student and has an insight into their perspective and dispositions and adapts her methods to them accordingly. She works with us and our dog with a very gentle and affirmative yet firm and consistent approach and provides us with guidance and daily exercises for the times between training sessions to ensure that his and our learning continues past them. She also ensured to understand what our goals with our dog were at the beginning and has tailored all subsequent work towards them. We have definitely seen a steady progression in his training that has surpassed our expectations over the past few months of working with Karen and would highly recommend her!”

– Jenna Harms