Lysippe – Hungarian Pumi

About Lysippe

lysippe “Lysippe (named after an Amazon warrior queen in Greek legend) is the latest addition to our amazing dog family. Lysi has been an absolute joy to train and live with since arriving from Decin in the Czech Republic at the end of May 2014.

Lysi is a Hungarian Pumi which makes her an unusual European dog breed in Canada. Blessed with an amazing talent for sheep herding, Lysi is busy mastering skills as a career agility dog while working as a sheep dog as time permits. Each day is an adventure with this energetic, highly intelligent and devoted little sheep dog!”

– Karen Lau


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  • Call Name: Lysippe
  • Registered Name: Devine Lisie Bohemia Vivace
  • Nicknames: Mei Mei, Miss Curly Pants,
  • Breed: Hungarian Pumi
  • Colour: Cerna or Black
  • Born: February 5, 2014
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic
  • Titles: AKC: OA,OAJ USDAA: Advance Agility Dog, Tournament Master AAC: ADC, SGDC
  • Favourite Game: fetching and stealing socks, yelling at all of us!
  • Favourite Toy: retrieving soft toys and socks!
  • Favourite Activity: dog agility, sheep herding and barking
  • Most Impressive Trick:  Huge repertoire of tricks and core balance tricks
  • Brags: outstanding intelligence and quick to learn
  • Faults: barking her head off Pumi style and being protective of my property!
  • Owner: Karen Lau

Awards / Records

  • 2016 Columbia Agility Team North West Cup Winner – Midi Dog
  • 2017 Tournament Master Award in Jan 2017 before she turned 3 years old!