About Ollie

ollie “All things possible!”

– Brinna Ellis


  • Call Name: Ollie
  • Registered Name: Chrome
  • Nicknames: Vader, Stinkerbell
  • Breed: All Canadian
  • Colour: Black & Tan
  • Born: 2011?
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Titles:
  • Favorite Game: stick
  • Favorite Toy: tug ropes and tennis balls
  • Favorite Activity: helping empty the manure out of the wheelbarrow
  • Most Impressive Trick: getting you to throw that piece of straw
  • Brags: opens the screen door on command, chasing big birds (cranes and bald eagles)
  • Faults: bugging you to throw that piece straw
  • Owner: Brinna Ellis