About Soda

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– Cortnee Billon & Shawn Joinson


  • Call Name: Soda
  • Registered Name:
  • Nicknames:
  • Breed: Pug
  • Colour:
  • Born: October 16, 2010
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Titles:
  • Favourite Game: anything outdoors, as long as it is not raining
  • Favourite Toy: Stuffingless Penguin, given to him by two beautiful little girls on his first Christmas
  • Favourite Activity:
  • Most Impressive Trick:
  • Brags: Soda has the most loyal and supportive family and friends that all love him unconditionally – over 70 friends and family have come out in rain and in sun to watch him at various events throughout his first year in agility
  • Faults: likes to chase golf carts, which surprisingly seem to cross Soda’s path a lot
  • Owner: Cortnee Billon & Shawn Joinson